At Pitlessie Rabbit Retreat your rabbit or guinea pig will have an endless supply of fresh organic quality hay as well as plentiful fresh water and the chance to roam around a spacious run which will be theirs exclusively for their entire stay.

All pets are cared for throughout each day by the experienced and knowledgeable owners of the business.

Each hutch & run unit is totally sealed above and below to remain predator & dig proof and is bedded out with a fresh layer of Easibed dust extracted woodfibre bedding along with high quality dust extracted organic meadow hay.

We have three hutch & run units available for rabbits accustomed to living outside along with three large chalets suitable for outdoor rabbits as well as indoor rabbits from April-October. 

For pets that are accustomed to living indoors we have four purpose built hutches solely for guinea pigs in our Cavy Cabin and for rabbits we have two large purpose built pens in our Lapin Lodge.


Single Rabbit - £6 per night or £35 per week


Two or more rabbits sharing accommodation- £4 per rabbit per night or £25 per rabbit per week


Single Guinea Pig - £5 per night or £30 per week

Two or more guinea pigs sharing accommodation - £3.50 per pig per night or £20 per pig per week

Terms and Conditions of Boarding

1.  For safety, all rabbits must have current Myxomatosis/RHD1 (Nobivac MxyoRHD) & RHD2 (Filavac) vaccinations. Proof of these will be required before any rabbit is accepted for their stay. No rabbit will be allowed access to any areas outwith their given accommodation.

There are no current vaccination requirements for guinea pigs although it is highly recommended that a recent health check has been undertaken prior to their stay with us.


2. All pets must bring with them a plentiful supply of their usual dry food – all other food, water, bowls and bottles will be provided. A charge of £5.00 will apply should we have to provide dry food.

3. Any pet showing signs of illness or injury may be refused boarding in the interests of safety for other boarders. Pets will not be allowed to mix with other residents and as such no responsibility will be taken for any subsequent illness.


4. Male rabbits residing together must be neutered. 

5. If you fail to collect your pet on the agreed date and we do not have any correspondence from you, we reserve the right to attempt to re-home them.  Prior to this, however, we will make every effort to contact you and we will ensure that your pet is safe and cared for. 

6. Should your pet require veterinary attention, we will seek this at our local veterinary practice, Wilson and Partners, Cupar. Should you specifically request that your pet be treated at your own usual surgery, transportation costs will apply. Any veterinary bills will be covered by the owner. Please note that we act primarily in the interest of the animal and will not withhold or refuse necessary care at any time.

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